Private Events

Manara-Private Events

From Boutique to Large Events by the Sea.

Manera sets a new and conceptual standard in the uncompromising world of private and business events.

Through huge vitrage glass windows that are immaculately clean, events are held amidst contemporary Israeli art, with rotating exhibitions showcasing the finest artists and photographers.

Chef Nimrod Hadas’s culinary expertise complements the Levantine experience that defines the restaurant.

An ever-changing seasonal menu features carefully selected local ingredients, fresh Mediterranean seafood, handmade pasta, a variety of daily baked fresh bread, fine cheeses, and daily-made desserts.

The transparent Tabun (clay oven) area, the wine showcase at the entrance, the 360-degree bar, the fully equipped kitchen within Sheraton Hotel, kosher certification, and more add extra value to the modern event style of 2023.


In the central dining space, various seating areas and a sea-facing

terrace provide seating options: from 12 guests to a full restaurant and/or terrace closure.

Menus for all events are pre-set, featuring hors d’oeuvres, starters, mains, desserts, both cold and hot beverages, and more.


Private events
for up to 500 guests can be accommodated.

Cocktail receptions
Classic events
Corporate events
Private celebrations
and more…

 Event planners and wellness managers >> can find with us events that combine overnight or weekend stays at the Sheraton Hotel alongside an event at Manara restaurant. Sheraton Hotel facilities include a spa, meeting rooms, conference rooms, a pool, and other facilities to enhance your experience.

In the hotel’s space, a private room can be suitable for family and business events. The private room accommodates groups of up to 30 guests, seated at one large table or separate tables. The private room is equipped with a screen and projector connected to a computer, as well as a separate sound system. The restaurant serves a pre-set event menu to this space, presented at the center of the table.

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