Nimrod Hadas


35 Years Old, Married to Roni and Father of Oz. In 2007-2011 He Was an Executive Chef of Toto Restaurant. he Specialized for About Seven Months in Joel Robichon’s Michelin Restaurant “La Atalier”. In 2012-2013 He Was the executive Chef of Rafael’s Kitchen and from There He Continued His Culinary Path at Turkis Restaurant Until 2017. On 2017 he Returned Again to Yaron Shalev’s Kitchen. From 2020 To 2022 He Opened and Operated His Highly Prestigious Catering.

“I want people to feel comfortable coming here for fun and for a less demanding meal, one that starts with a few small plates and a drink, moves to an intermediate course with vegetables and a half portion of pasta, and finishes with fish,”